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  1. What is the difference between a microcontroller and microprocessor
  2. A microprocessor contains a CPU (central processing unit) but in order to complete a process, there are many other parts needed to work with the CPU. These parts are connected externally.
    Microprocessors are made for tasks where input and output are not defined. For example software development, games, and other applications.
    Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller:

  3. What are realtime systems?
  4. When a system is constrained to real-time, i.e., the response from the system is bounded within a specified timing constraint is called a real-time system. For example flight control systems, real-time monitors etc.

  5. What is a control system?
  6. When a system manages, regulates, directs, or commands other devices or systems by means of using control loops, then that system is known as a control system.

  7. What are intelligent tutoring Systems?
  8. When a computer system aims to provide immediate and customized instruction to learners without requiring guidance from a human teacher, then that system is called an intelligent tutoring system (ITS). The main goal of an ITS is to provide high-quality education to each and every student by replicating the one-to-one personalized tutoring and this is done by utilizing computer technologies instead of human beings.


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