Natural Language Processing

Name 3 applications on Natural Language Processing

  1. Language Translator
  2. Chatbots
  3. Grammar Checkers

Select three words in your language and for each word try to separate into its internal component.

  1. Mātr̥bhāṣā (Mother Tongue) : Mātr̥(Mother) + bhāṣā(Language)
  2. Sauraśakti(Solar energy) : Saura(Space/Galaxy) + śakti(Energy)
  3. Gaṇatantra (Democracy) : Gaṇa(General mass/ people) + tantra(System)

Select three sentences in your native language. Your sentences should be around 10 words.  Translate these sentences to English) Indicate which words or small groups of words translate to which words or groups of words in Eglish translation.

  1. Bangla: Samaẏa1 ēbaṁ2 Srōta3 kārō4 jan'ya5 apēkṣā6 karē nā7
    English: time1 and2 tide3 wait6 for5 none4+7
  2. Bangla: Kampi'uṭāra 1ēkaṭi2 āśīrbāda3 ēbaṁ4 abhiśāpa 5 ubhaẏa'i6
    English: Computer1 is2 both6 a2 blessing3 and4 a2 curse5
  3. Bangla: (Ayānḍru kārniẏēgē)6- Āmāra 1 hr̥daẏa 2 kājēra 3 madhyē 4 jaṛita5
    English: My1 heart 2 is3 in 4+5 the 4 work3-(Andrew Carnegie)6

How many interpretations are there for the following English sentence "Time flies like an arrow"  Write each interpretation descriptively? There is around 5 interpretation for the provided ambiguous statement.

  1. Time flies like an arrow means that similar to an arrow, time moves in one direction- that is it can not be rewind back.
  2. "Time flies" can also be considered as an insect that likes an arrow.
  3. The statement also implies that time and arrow both fly in the same manner.
  4. The statement can also be an implication towards measuring the speed of flies with properties resembling those of arrows.
  5. Time passes as fast as an arrow travels.


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