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Active Trademark Licensees

The contractual term for each of Carnegie Mellon's trademark licensing agreements is July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007 .  Please don’t make the assumption that someone you did business with this past fiscal year was automatically renewed for the July 1, 2005 June 30, 2006 contractual year.  Companies that use our logos without being granted a license are doing so illegally.

Each licensee is required to file an application to join the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to fulfill Carnegie Mellon’s obligations as a FLA institutional affiliate.  Carnegie Mellon is also a member of the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC); however, licenses are not required to directly affiliate with this organization

Licensees may be dropped throughout the year by the Fair Labor Association for non-compliance to their membership requirements.  Any Carnegie Mellon Licensee that is dropped by the FLA will be removed from this web page and given “notice of termination” of their contract with us due to their breach of contractual obligations to comply with all FLA requirements.  Because of this and other issues that may occur during a contract year, you are asked always to review this active licensee list to verify your licensed supplier is still in “good standing” with Carnegie Mellon’s trademark licensing program.

While this site is under construction you are asked to contact The Trademark Licensing Office at (412) 268-3904 or

It is important to understand that while the suppliers listed in the following section, while they  were once active licensees, no longer have the legal right to use our trademarks.  Please source your order through one of our many official licensed suppliers.

Ahead  Headgear, Co.

Alvah M. Squibb, Co.            

Aqua Sheen, a division of the Exylin Company

Carson Specialties     

Colonial Clock                                          

DP Design aka Know-Wear    

Dyl-Chem aka Whalernits  

Enjoy Life, Inc.      

F. W. Haxel


Imperial Headwear

J. America    

L & W Apparel Co., Inc. d.b.a. Legacy Athletic        

Little King Mfg. Co., Inc.                                               

MV Sport

Old Forge Metals            

Photografx Worldwide, LLC 

PTM Sport      

Regatta Sport, Inc.  

R. K. Stein & Co.

Specialty Luggage Co., Inc.         

Sunderland of Scotland


The Wide View       

TM Athletics    

WM Chelsea



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