Randy Pausch

Randy pausch was an american professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, specialising in human computer interactions.

Randy pausch was a Carnegie Mellon University alumnus who co-founded the Entertainment technology center and helped researchers who created Alice, a new way to teach computer programming.
He was widely respected for his interdisciplinary approach bringing together artist from various fields to achieve greater hieghts in computer science.

Five interesting points in his lecture on time management are :-
1) Time is more important than money because you may earn money later but you will never be able to get back your spent time.
2) Life is short so you need to enjoy it by doing the job you love.
3) Experience comes with time and there are no short cuts to getting it. Good judgement comes from experience and experience come from bad judgement.
4) Planning is very important. You have to plan your each day, each week and your entire semester. You can always change your plan only when you have one.
5) We have to do the toughest task of the day at first because once you are done with it, you will automatically get the motivation to do the others.