Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.

There are three models of cloud computing:-
1)Software as a Service (SaaS): Highly scalable internet based applications are posted on the cloud and they offer services to the end user. The main use of this model is to supply application which basically store data.
This model supplies the end users with business applications. Some of the examples are Google docs, etc…

2)Platform as a Service (Paas): In this type of model a platform is provided by the cloud infrastructure which is used to design, develop, build and test the applications. This model helps the users to build their own application.
To fulfil the manageability and scalability requirements of the applications, PaaS provides a predefined combination of OS and application servers. Some of the examples are Google’s App Engine, etc…

3)Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas): This model is a pay to use type of model.This model offers storage, database management, servers, networking equipment and other paid services.
In this model the end client himself deploys software on the infrastructure.

There are mainly two types of clouds:-
1) Public Clouds:- These clouds are owned by third parties and they are more economical beacuse the cost of maintanance and setup is equally distributed among a large number of users.All customers share the same infrastructure pool with limited configuration, security protections in the public cloud.
2) Private Cloud:- These clouds are build for a single enterprise.They are much costlier than Public Clouds. But they address concerns ondata security and offer greater control, which is typically lacking in a public cloud.

There are several advantages of cloud computing in our lives:- 1)We can use the cloud computer to store all your data, just in case your laptop or smart phone get stolen, damaged or lost.
2)If you have a smart phone you can use the cloud computer to automatically synchronize thingslike email, pictures, music, contacts etc, between your smart phone, cloud computer and your laptop.
3)we can use the cloud computer to run a business e.g. instead of installing an accounting software on all the individual computers in your business, just install the accounting software on the cloud computer and everyone within your business can access this software.

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