Courses Taught

Masters in Information Systems Management (MISM) and Master of Science in Information Security Policy and Management (MSISPM)

 Financial Accounting

 Principles of Finance

 Corporate Finance

 Financial Analysis


Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) and Master of Arts Management (MAM)

 Introduction to Financial Analysis for Public Policy

 Intermediate Financial Analysis for Public Policy

 Systems Synthesis Project


Masters in Public Management (MPM) Department of Mid Career Programs

 Introduction to Financial Modeling and Analysis

 Advanced Financial Modeling and Analysis

 Strategic Cost Analysis


Masters in Medical Management

 Introduction to Healthcare Finance (Distance without Video)

 Healthcare Finance


Masters of Science in Information Technology

 Financial Accounting (Distance with Video)

 Principles of Finance (Distance with Video)


Executive Education

 Financial Analysis for Chief Information Officers (CIOI)

 Techniques of Project Management and Evaluation for Senior Executives (SES)

 Financial Analysis for Chief Security Officers (CSOI-CYLAB)