Computer security is the protection of information system from different possible danger, like theft or damage to hardware and software. It is a very large field include the protection to network, data, servers and other hardware and software. It plays a huge role in our modern day life, especially with all the smart devices and software controlling every aspect of our daily life, like smartphone, laptop, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other networks. Not only our personal properties, computer security also protect even the entire world from disastrous events.


The techniques used in computer security may be divided into several files. For example, the protection to lease privilege can dictates the system’s privileges in a way that each particular function in the system contains only the privileges it needs. In this way any outsider who wants to hack the system will only get access to particular part of computer system, so he won’t get the access to the entire system. Also, there is another technique plays a very import role in computer security, that is firewall. It will monitor the whole computer system and the accesses to Internet. The firewall is a both side protection, including the protection the system from attack came from Internet and stop any dangerous action of system when it get access to Internet. It can be regarded as some kind of shield and it can block certain kinds of attack via packets filtering. Firewall could be both hardware and software based.


Another way to maintain computer security is reducing vulnerability. For example, cryptography is a good way to implement to protect system since nowadays breaking the system of cryptography always require some non-cryptography input, such as a key or other information can provide the key to unlock the lock. However, cryptography is always the safest way to protect system. Social engineering and direct physical access to computer systems can only be prevented by some non-computer means. From many cases we can learn that, even in a highly safe environment, it is still possible that social engineering may hack into the system. The only way to solve this keep improve the protection ways, including hardware and software.


Unlike other fields of computer science, computer security actually is related to a very realistic problem, that is hack and protection. That means a computer scientists have to compete with the hackers to protect the important information. What he needs is not only his skill, but also his knowledge to personality and other things may not have direct relationship with computer science. So this topic really makes me feel interested and I would like to choose it as one of my elective to learn if it is possible.




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