Cloud Computing


Could computing is a model allows the network in every corner of the world to get access to a shared pool to use computer resources. It provides users a solution to store and process their data in a third-party data center. One of its biggest feature is that it focuses on maximum the effectiveness of its resources. For example, the cloud computing resources may serve the consumers in Europe during the working time, and then it will shift to American companies when they begin to work. This is considered as a great save for computing resources because people no longer have to build and maintain many computing facilities everywhere.


There are several benefits that can attract business and users. First, self-service provisioning. Every user and company can get access to the computing resources via almost all kinds of application for their various working demands. The product of Microsoft, Onedrive is a good example to illustrate this. Both personal users and companies can store their data on the servers of Microsoft. They can upload their data through personal computers, and then they can get access to the data using their cell phones or tablets. Second, elasticity. This point actually has a connection with the effectiveness of cloud computing. The computing facility can calculate its computing resources and then decide the portion of the resources each company can get. By doing so, cloud computing can save and utilise the resources on the maximum level. Third, low cost. Compared to using cloud computing, building up a servers and maintain it will create a great cost for companies. Since companies can’t predict their business correctly, sometime companies will pay a lot but get no pay during off season. For personal users, it also reduces the cost for them since it is almost impossible for one users to spend thousands of dollars to buy and maintain a servers only for personal use. Or speak more bluntly, cloud computing lower the barrier for users.


Nowadays cloud computing has become a very popular topic for computer scientists and Internet companies. It is a great progress for computer science for people finally can get rid from the limitation of location and cost imposed on them. I believe learning cloud computing is necessary for every CS major student since it represents one part of the pattern in the future in various fields in our world.


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