Randy Pausch is a professor of computer science in Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. After he learned his cancer and he did’t too much time left, he began to make lectures in public. He was known for his lectures “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dream”, which became a very popular youtube video. One thing he really shocked me in his lecture is his eagerness and energy showed. I can’t never imagine that he is a patient with cancer if no one tells me that.


I am going to talk about one of his lectures “Time Management”. In the lecture, Mr.Pausch talked about how to definite the things we are working on, To-Do list, email manage, working system, cell phone etc.



These are my favourite five point in his lecture:


First, do the things right VS do the right things. This point can really resonate with me because it points out a problem I often meet in daily life. Sometimes when I am working, I will tend to focus on the details of my work because I just want all the things best. That is to do the things right. But I forget to focus on the most important and urged thing first. And that is to to the right things.


Second, Covey’s four-quadrant To-Do list. This one is very interesting. It can help us to definite different works into different areas. I think this is one of the most valuable information he gave in the lecture. And I want to make a mobile application for it.


Third, phone and bike. Mr.Pausch said he would make phone call when he is on bike for exercises. This reflect a skill that how to combine your works together. Actually, I know how to operate this, but I believe there are still a lot space to improve. This case offers me another sight.


Fourth,  change working system. If I can spend a little time to tidy up my desk and put my things in a good arrangement, that will help me a lot. In the lecture, Mr.Pausch showed some pictures about different working system and tell us how to do it. That’s really helpful.


The last one is, learn to ask for help, learn to delegate. This is another point can hit the problem I have. Just like what Mr.Pausch said in his lecture: most people think it is dumping. But actually that is not the truth. We must have the courage to do that because that may be the most efficient way to finish our work.