Language Python
Module Pygame
Other Tools
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Final Cut Pro

Kosbie Johnson is your average joe.

When Kosbie Johnson threw out his pants, they angrily returned and invaded his front lawn. Defend his legs against his lower wardrobe by using his gardening knowledge to fight back!

Adapted from the franchise Plants vs. Zombies.


Jump into the action of Pants vs. Kosbie via the the story mode. Experience 6 increasingly difficult stages and challenge yourself to the final boss level to really test your skills. Not enough? Use the numerous plant options to fight a variety of Kosbie's pants in the free play mode for never ending entertainment.


Pants vs. Kosbie takes place in a humorous world where logic is thrown out the window. The graphics are whimsical, refreshing, and inviting, featuring classic and original characters. Many adventures await our protagonist, Kosbie Johnson, as his fashion preferences force him into tight situations.


The flow of a Pants vs. Kosbie level is easy to learn, but hard to master. Complete beginners can quickly learn the ropes through the tutorial which guides the player through the fundamentals of gameplay. The optimized UI is straighforward and seameless to use.