Keshav Seshadri


If I had to single out some of the things I am passionate about I would list quizzing, cricket, books by Christie and Wodehouse, movies and TV shows. So this page is devoted to them.


I rate myself as a pretty decent quizzer and have always enjoyed it (hard not to, when you're from Bangalore). I've always felt my quality of life was directly proportinal to the number of quizzes I've been attending and my experiences at VNIT and CMU have been in accordance with this hypothesis.

I helped put together VNIT's quiz club - Quiz Pro Co. or QPC for short (which was only officially formed in 2005). Those were some good times and I'd like to believe we made quizzing as popular as was humanly possible inside and outside VNIT. Quizzing at CMU has been a real pleasure and for me there are only 2 days in the week - Friday (quiz day) and not Friday (not quiz day). You can find all details about the CMU Quiz Club here. Quizzes are held during the spring and fall semesters on Fridays at 6:30 PM somewhere in the Wean 5300 or 5400 corridors.

Here are all the quizzes I made for the CMU quiz club meetings. Feel free to use them in case you need to populuate a quiz you're making.

Quiz 1      Quiz 2      Quiz 3      Quiz 4      Quiz 5      Quiz 6      Quiz 7      Quiz 8      Quiz 9      Quiz 10     Quiz 11    Quiz 12     Quiz 13    Quiz 14


Always loved the sport and is the only one I follow carefully. I read stuff on cricinfo more than a newspaper and there are certainly some brilliant articles on it. I am an elitist, left to me, I would just have 8 teams playing all forms of cricket (am not one for globalizing the game, it's not for everyone and I reckon it's fine if it stays that way). I also believe that T20s are all very well, but test cricket is what the game is all about and anyone who says test cricket is "boring", shouldn't be watching cricket. My favourite Gavaskar quote (slightly modified) summarizes this - "20 years after a test series, you'll remember every century scored, every 5 wicket haul, every great moment and definetely the result of every match and series. 20 years after a T20 or an ODI you won't remember jack, hell 20 mins after a T20 you won't remember jack." Some of the best tests I've ever seen are listed below and they prove without a shadow of doubt that test matches are by no means boring.

1. India vs Pakistan - 1st Test in Pak's tour of India in 1999 at Chennai
2. India vs Australia - All three tests in the Aussie tour of India in 2001
3. India vs Australia - All 4 tests on India's tour of Australia in 2003-2004 especially the one at Adelaide
4. 2005 Ashes in England
5. India vs Australia - All 4 tests on India's tour of Australia in 2007-2008 expecially the ones at Sydney and Perth
6. 2009 Ashes in England

Like most Indian supporters I believe that Tendulkar is God, but I also really enjoy a good Dravid or Laxman innings.


I have made an effort towards reading all (and I mean all) short stories and novels by Wodehouse, Doyle and Agatha Christie. I think I'm done with Doyle since I've read all the Holmes and Challenger stories. He did write some other stuff (Sir. Nigel etc), but who knows about them? Just when I think I'm almost done with Wodehouse and Christie, I find new books of theirs to read. Other favourites include the classics and the works of O. Henry, Saki, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, J.K. Rowling, Eoin Colfer and of course those legend, wait for it and I hope you aren't lactose intolerant - dairy, comics by Shultz, Watterson, Herge, Gosciny and Uderzo and Jim Davis.

TV Shows and Movies

See way too many of them and current favourites are House, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Office and 30 Rock.


Not much of a phtographer, but I'd like to become more serious about it. All snaps I took or that I'm in can be found lying around on Picassa.