Photo of Kate Ricke
Katharine L. Ricke
Doctoral Candidate
Pittsburgh, PA
612 382 8145

Current Research

Impact assessment of climate geoengineering, in particular, stratospheric albedo modification

See Geoengineering Experiment with HadCM3L for more information.


Prof. Granger Morgan, Dept. of Engineering and Public Policy

Adjunct Prof. David Keith, Dept. of Engineering and Public Policy

Publications & Presentations

“Regional climate response to solar-radiation management”
Ricke, K.L., Morgan, M.G., Allen, M.R. Nature Geoscience. 2010. doi:10.1038/ngeo915
Global and Regional Climate Responses To Stratospheric Aerosol-Type Solar Radiation Management: Results from a Geoengineering Experiment
Ricke, K., Allen, M.R., Ingram, W., Keith, D., Morgan, M.G. Poster at the 2010 EGU General Assembly. Vienna, Austria.
Regional Climate Responses To Planetary-Scale Geoengineering Activities, as Modeled Using
Ricke, K. Poster at the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA. December 16, 2009.
“The Geo-engineering Option”
Victor, D., Morgan, M. G., Apt, J., Steinbruner, J., Ricke, K. . Foreign Affairs. March/April 2009.
International Collective Governance and the Need to Reduce Scientific Uncertainty about Geoengineering.
Ricke, K., Aina, T., Allen, M., Apt, J., Morgan, M. G., Steinbruner, J., Stier, P., Victor, D. Presentation at the 2008 AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA. December 18, 2008.
Analysis of Biomarker Candidates from Plant Lipid Inputs into Galapagos Lacustrine Sediments.
Ricke, K. (SB Thesis, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, 2004)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. in Physics of the Ocean and Atmosphere
Completed 2004, Department of Earth Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences
Minor in Public Policy (in Dept. of Political Science)