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Kunal Mankodiya, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher in the Intel Science & Research Center– Embedded Computing (ISTC-EC), Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, USA. At ISTC-EC, Kunal conducts his research-&-developments on embedded technologies for Retail and Automotive Environments.  Kunal pursued his previous postdoctoral research at Human Engineering Research Laboratory (HERL), University of Pittsburgh (UPitt), Pittsburgh, USA in the field of assistive smart environments and mobile computing. In 2010, he received his PhD (Dr.–Ing.) degree in computer science from the Institute for Signal Processing (ISIP), University of Luebeck (Uni-Luebeck), Luebeck, Germany with an emphasis on wearable health monitoring using dual-core smartphone processor. He is a recipient of the SYSTEX student award 2010, University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium for his work on wearable ECG monitoring. He holds a BE degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) from India and an MSc degree in BME from University of Luebeck and Fachhochschule Luebeck (FH-Luebeck), Luebeck Germany.

Research Interests

  • Embedded Computing
  • Computer Vision
  • Signal & Image Processing
  • Smart Environments
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Mobile Health