Hey! I'm Kaustubh

I love to solve problems.


I'm a student of Computer Science at the Qatar Campus of Carnegie Mellon University. I'm currently in my Sophomore Year.

My passion is solving real world problems. I love the thrill associated with tackling complications and obstacles while solving problems.

I have been programming for 5 years now. I'm proficient in C, Python, Java (My first language) and have some experience with C++. I haven't gotten to posting code publicly, but my first project is available on my GitHub. I also started solving problems on Codewars recently. Here is my profile.

I love to meet people who are smarter than me and learn, so please do contact me! Additionally, here is my updated Resume

My Skills and Accolades

Programming Strength- I am strong in Python, C and SML of New Jersey, reasonably proficient in Java and familiar with C++. More importantly, I have picked up the ability to code, and I can learn new languages and paradigms in a matter of days.

Web Design- I'm a newcomer, but I'm learning, and eventually I'll be able to make a website of my own.

Algorithmic Trading- In Spring 2017, I participated in a Algorithmic Stock Trading Hackathon hosted at my university. My team won the prize for "Best Algorithm", which resulted in a large cash prize. This was a very interesting problem to tackle, and I thoroughly enjoyed being the innovator/implementor behind the algorithm.

Carnegie Apps: Hackathon- Back in Fall 2016, I participated in the Carnegie Apps Hackathon hosted at CMUQ. My team won the "Best Rookie Team" award in this competition, which involved creating an application related to accessible education for all.

Critical Thinking- it's one of my strongest suits. I ranked in the top ten students in a nation-wide Critical Thinking Olympiad organized by Next-Genius. Just for some perspective, around 17600 students wrote this Olympiad with me.


Karam 228, Janoubi, Education City,
Al- Rayyan, Qatar
+974 3027-9895