Hey! I'm Kaustubh

I love to solve problems.


I'm a student of Computer Science at the Qatar Campus of Carnegie Mellon University. I'm currently in my Freshman Year.

My passion is solving real world problems. I love the thrill associated with tackling complications and obstacles while solving problems.

I have been programming for 5 years now. I'm proficient in Python, Java (My first language) and have had some experiences with C++. In the next few months, I will also add C to my arsenal of languages. I haven't gotten to posting code publicly, but my first project is available on my GitHub. I also started solving problems on Codewars recently. Here is my profile.

I love to meet people who are smarter than me and learn, so please do contact me! Additionally, here is my updated Resume

My Skills and Accolades

Programming Strength- I am strong in python, reasonably proficient in Java and familiar with C++.

Web Design- I'm a newcomer, but I'm learning, and eventually I'll be able to make a website of my own.

Critical Thinking- it's one of my strongest suits. I ranked in the top ten students in a nation-wide Critical Thinking Olympiad organized by Next-Genius. Just for some perspective, around 17600 students wrote this Olympiad with me.


Karam 24, Janoubi, Education City,
Al- Rayyan, Qatar
+974 3027-9895