Short presentation

My name, as you might know now,is Keivin , but you can for sure call me Kevin. I am 18 , student of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. I am majoring CS, which I find quite competetive and challenging, making me want to look for more. I am more than happy to share my website with you .


Getting to use GitHub is thrilling. The first banner confronts you with "The world's leading software development platform." Being part of it gives you a lot of opportunities. You can check my account by clicking the header.


HackerRank is another challenging platform the course got us to know with. It affords to include lessons about language programs, as well as giving you possibilities to show your skills by solving problems. My account will be directed my clicking the header.


Presented here are all of my courses attended with their assignments. Hot ):


For all the interested parts, this is my resume.