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Assignment 1

Chapter 1

As the title of the chapter and book imply, this section is about making design choices that don’t require the user to waste time or energy thinking about their decisions. This applies to everything from navigation to word choice. Krug gives an example of a link to a job listings page where the text on the link can be “Jobs”, “Employment Opportunities”, or “Job-o-Rama”. Obviously the later choice is confusing and should not be used. The difference between “Jobs” and “Employment Opportunities” is that “Employment Opportunities” requires an extra second to think. Now, for some websites this is a fair trade-off and the designer will make the choice to use this text which goes to show that every design choice has its pros and cons and that there is not necessarily one right answer. Krug then goes on to explain that good user centered design makes websites easier to navigate, keeps the user engaged and makes the website more effective.

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Assignment 2

For Assignment 2, we had to recreate and redesign the Galerie Botanique Website.
My version of the original website can be found here and my redesigned version can be found here

Assignment 3

For assignment 3, I made a website called ShineALight. That can be found here

Assignment 4

For assignment 4, I made a website called ShineALight. That can be found here

Assignment 5

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