My name is Kevin Dou and I'm currently studying Electrical & Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm an aspiring web developer, software engineer, and game designer.

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Carnegie Mellon University
Class of 2015

B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Minor in Economics

Carnegie Mellon University
Class of 2016

M.S. in Software Engineering


Carnegie Mellon University - 15-104 Teaching Assistant

I taught the first iteration of Computing for Creative Practices, a class under the CMU IDEATE program. While teaching core programming concepts with an emphasis on graphics, I helped develop course content and exam material. Other responsibilities included typical duties such as grading assignments, holding office hours, and leading recitation. The course page and gallery can be viewed at here .


Survivable Social Network

This project was created for 18-652 Foundations of Software Engineering. The Survivable Social Network is a mobile web app running on a Beaglebone, with the intention of providing a wireless access point for users to connect to in the event of a disaster. Through the app, users can create profiles and post to message boards, chat with other users, and organize events. Working as a team of 4, we practiced many agile methodologies, with biweekly iteration requirements and deadlines.

My responsibilities included handling the backend database interactions regarding user registration, chat and announcement boards, event organization, and directory. I wrote JavaScript functions to handle automatic page updating with AJAX calls. Finally, I was in charge of creating the HTML templates and general css.

ASM Simulator

This project was created for 15-437 Web Application Development. ASM Simulator is a web app that allows you to simulate assembly code, with the intention of teaching basic low-level interactions between the stack and memory. Users can write assembly code in the editor, compile it, and run it in the window. The stack, memory, and registers update as the app steps through their function, creating an easy visualization tool for the user.

In this two-person team, my responsibilities primarily lay in managing the backend database relations and styling the app. Users can create profiles, save their programs, and publish publicly to the site, allowing others to view and modify programs. I also created all of the stylings for the app, allowing the app to update in real time.

The site can be found here.


This project was created for 15-437 Web Application Development. Grumblr is a social media web app, with many of the core social media features found in today's leading sites. This solo project introduced me to agile development, with weekly requirements and continuous development. Using the Django framework and Postgres database, the app allows users to create profiles, upload pictures, post statuses, follow other users, comment on their posts, and search the site using ORM techniques.

AdaptErrEx Games

This project was an internship at the Human Computer Interaction Institute at CMU. The research involved examining the effectiveness of teaching through erroneous example in the context of decimal arithmetic. Students watch a character ingame incorrectly "solve" decimal problems, and then identify which misconception the character acted upon.

My responsibilities included creating four Flash games involving decimal problems and number lines. Working with an artist, I integrated the game and mechanics with the concept art provided I also participated in designing game content and aided in the research data analysis. Article in HCI
Project Site

War of the Southern Isles

This was a personal project developed over two summers. I worked with a small group of game designers and artists to create a 2D turn-based strategy game. I was the sole programmer, and developed the game in Lua using the Love2D framework. Github Repository can be found here.


A video can be found here.


Pianissimo- the Piano Assistant is my capstone class. The goal is to create a device that will aide the self-taught musician. The device lights up keys that need to be pressed on a piano, and listens to the player as they play the piano. The device walks the user through a song, lighting up the next keys in sequence.

I was involved with the manufacturing of the PCB (both design and assembly), as well as the physical construction of the device. The main site can be found here.

Projector Bot

This project was created for Build18 2015 with the goal of building an attachment to autofocus a projector. Information can be found on the repo.

Github Repository can be found here.

LED Cube Games

This project was created for Build18 2014. All details, including design process and challenges, can be found on the project's main site.

The project overview can be found here.

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