Robotics / AI


  1. How do you define AI?

    Artificial Intellegence is a field of study in Computer science that aims to develop intellegent machines.

  2. Can you name three different subfields of AI

    Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Deep Learning

  3. AI has been around for about 70 years, Why is it booming right now?

    Increased Computing power of machines and large avaliability of data through the internet

  4. Which sectors are Robots being largely deployed?

    The Electrical and Electronics Industry use robots for soldering, assembling etc. The Agricultural Industry also use robots for food processing, harversting etc.

  5. Three major challenges for a whelled autonomous robot performing a 24h surveillance task in a large facility?

    It needs a steady power source and since it is whelled it would most likely rely on batteries which quite unfortunately cannot keep it running for too long. It is also not able to accurately map it's environment digitally. It can also not possibly cover such a large area by itself.

  6. Where can you go for more readings?

    1. britannica
    2. Medium
    3. Wikipedia