Natural Language Processing assignment


  1. Name three applications of Natural Language Processing?

    1. Classification of e-mails into inbox or spam
    2. Information retrival systems like Google
    3. Translation from one language to another

  2. Select three words in your language and for each word try to seperate into components

    1. Durojaye ----> Duro - je - aye
    2. kilagbe ----> ki-la-gbe
    3. Shebohun ---> she-bo-hun

    Select three sentences in your native language, write it in latin and translate to english

    1. O so wi pe ohun a gba mi leti, ki ni mo se la ti se ---> Dixit se alapam mihi, quid feci ut eum offenderem ---> He said he would slap me what did I do to offend him
    2. Opo egbeni ti ku opo egebi ti lo opo lo wa lewon --->Multi homines surdi, multum homines, multum homines in carcere sunt ----> A lot of people are dead, A lot of people are gone, A lot of people are in prison
    3. Agbaye, E gba mi oh, ki la gbe ki la ju? ----> Mundus venite, subvenite mihi, quid portamus quod nos iactamus --->The world please come to my rescue, what did we carry, what did we throw?
  3. How many interpretations are there for the word "Time flies like an arrow"

    We could either interpret it literally or as time goes really fast

  4. What is the most likely word that follows the prime?


  5. Where can you go for more readings?

    1. geeksforgeeks
    2. IBM
    3. Wikipedia