CS Theory


  1. What is a decision Problem?

    A decision problem is a problem that has only yes or no for an anwser.

  2. What does it mean for a decision problem to be decicable?

    A problem is decidable if there is an effective algorithm to determine "yes or no"

  3. What is the class P, what is the class NP?

    Class P are problems which can be solved in polynomial Time while NP are problems which can be verified in Polynomial time

  4. What is the meaning of P vs NP?

    P vs NP is simply wheter every problem whose solution can be quickly verified can also be quickly solved.

  5. If you solve the P vs NP problem?

    You win 1 million dollars.

  6. Where can you go for more readings?

    1. britannica
    2. Medium
    3. Wikipedia