Cloud computing assignment


  1. What is cloud computing ?

    Cloud computing is the acccess of computing resources like storage, computing power etc. virtually or via the "cloud". It provides om-demand acess to this resources hosted on the cloud where clouds are just big data centres located all around the world like Google drive, docs etc.

  2. Is Cloud computing a new technology per se? In other words, what are the unique technology features of cloud computing?

    Is cloud technology "new"? I think it depends on how you define "new" because "new is relative". However, Cloud computing can trace it's roots back to the 1960's

    Unique features of cloud computing is that it allows on-demand service and it automatically calculates storage, computing power etc. for each user which it can also re-adjust as it sees fit.

  3. Main models of cloud computing

    1. Infrastructure as a service
    2. Software as a service
    3. Platform as a service
  4. Name three world-domains where the application of cloud-computing was (or can be) very enabling and effective

    1. Programming : Real time code collaboration (Github)
    2. Emails
    3. Machine learning / AI development and Research

  5. What is the business / economic model of cloud computing

    Pay as you go

  6. Where can you go for more readings?

    1. geeksforgeeks
    2. Microsoft azure
    3. IBM
    4. Free code camp


  1. Wikipedia