I'm passionate about mentoring and outreach. I have been involved in organizations such as ECE Outreach, WinECE (Women in ECE), and SWE (Society of Women Engineers), where I strived to promote income diversity and gender diversity in the field of engineering. I also sought to narrow the technological gap through my volunteer work at KT (Korea Telecom).

I have previously served as the President of ECE Outreach, a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon geared towards teaching the fundamental concepts of electrical and computer engineering to less advantaged middle school and high school students in order to expose them to engineering as a potential career choice. I currently volunteer for ECE Outreach programs.

I have also taken leadership positions in WinECE and volunteered for SWE. As the Vice President of WinECE, I helped organize a number of social and mentoring events for women in ECE in order to form an intimate network and encourage women to continue pursuing this field.

I have also worked as an IT instructor at KT, visiting senior centers, orphanages, and welfare centers for the disabled to teach them how to use computers and smartphones to help narrow the technological gap.