My full teaching statement, including teaching philosophy and interests, is available here in pdf format.

I have principally taught at Carnegie Mellon in the Tepper School of Business. I served as the instructor for Regression Analysis in the undergraduate business program during the summers of 2010, 2011, and 2012. I incorporated student feedback and my own observations to improve the course each year. I was also a teaching assistant and recitation leader under Laurence Ales for the undergraduate Macroeconomics course in the fall of 2009. Finally, I have served as a teaching assistant and review session leader under Fallaw Sowell for the MBA Managerial Economics course each fall semester since 2008. I was specifically tasked with providing extra tutoring sessions during the second half of the course for the 8-10 students in Managerial Economics who struggled significantly on the midterm. Nearly all have shown tremendous improvement on the course final, and many continue to thank me for the support years later.

At Johns Hopkins University, I co-founded a series of review sessions for the introductory economics courses during my junior year. A friend and I realized there was insufficient support for the large lecture classes. We started the sessions with the blessing and support of Bruce Hamilton and the Johns Hopkins Economics Department. Our weekly sessions consistently attracted 10-15 students, and bumped up to over 100 students before exams.

I am also pursuing certification in the Future Faculty Program offered by The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence at Carnegie Mellon University.

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