Carnegie Mellon University
Expected May 2016

Bachelor of Computer Science
Minor in Robotics
Relevant Courses: Embedded Systems; Perceptual Computing; Introduction to Text Processing
Programming Languages
Proficient in Python, C, Standard ML
Intermediate: Java, C++
Web Development
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Research Experience
Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar

Hala Robot-Receptionist
  • Improve the knowledge-base of a bilingual robot-receptionist in English and Arabic.
  • Write a python script that finds patterns in the logs, extracts the important data and input them to a database.
  • Create a real time dashboard that plots graphs showing statistical data about the queries and the interactions for English and Arabic based on the data from the database.
  • Spring'12, CMUQ
  • Presented research findings at Meeting of the Minds, an annual research symposium.
  • Projects
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Fall '13
    Hala-See Hala-Do
  • Used Intel Perceptual computing SDK and creative camera to create a robot that can answer questions using voice commands and respond to facial expressions such as smiling and nodding
  • Fall '13
    Sentiment Analysis for Twitter Data
    Wrote Python Script that can analyze tweets being positive, negative or neutral after being trained on a corpus.
    Used Naive Bayes, and libSVM for the analyzing process.
    Programming Competitions
    Spring '13
    OCPC (Oman Collegiate Programming Contest)
    A team of 3 of all sophomores, we came in second place.
    Spring '13
    GPC (Gulf Programming Contest)
    A team of 3 of all sophomores, we came in forth place.
    Spring '13
    QCPC (Qatar Collegiate Programming Contest)
    QCPC is a programming contest run by Qatar university. A team of 3 of all sophomores, we came in first place.