Courses Based Projects

Python Fruit Ninja [+]

During my Freshman year, I made a Fruit ninja like game using Python. It was my 15-112 course project. The game is played using the mouse where you click and hold to cut the fruits. It has some added features like different levels and continue from the highest level you reached. As you pass more levels, the difficulty of the game increases.
To watch a video for the game Click here

Hala-See Hala-Do [+]

Hala is a robot-receptionist that is in Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar campus. The idea of this project was based on Hala hence the name. This project was a team project for Perceptual Computing course. We had an animated face and we implemented some facial expressions. We used Intel SDK with the Creative camera for voice commands and face detection. The robot answers some specific questions asked using the voice commands and reply using voice synthesis. The robot also responds to some of the interlocutor's facial expressions like smiling and nodding, by smiling back and nodding back trying to enhance the Human-Robot interaction and make it more human friendly.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis [+]

Millions of users are using Twitter everyday and tweet about nearly-everything. This made scientists think that we can analyze the tweets and try to infer some information about people in different parts of the world. This project was for Introduction to Text-Processing course. The sentiment analyzer is trained with thousands of tweets that are positive, neutral or negative. Then, using naive Bayes method and lib-SVM, it predicts if the other tweets (different than the ones used in training) are positive, neutral or negative. To implement that we had to use different features. My analyzer used different features like checking for positive or negative words in the tweet. It also check for emoticons (":)", ":D", ":(", ":S"...etc), and for all caps words. One other feature that I thought is essential is "not" being before a positive or a negative word because that will change the positivity or negativity of the tweet.

Hand controlled robot car [+]

This was a project for Embedded Systems course. My project was to build a system to control a robot car wirelessly using a glove that the user wear. Flex sensors attached to the glove were used to detect the bending of the fingers and then data was analyzed on the board and signal was sent using Xbee to the robot car. The car will then move based on the signal it received, either forward, backward, left or right. If no fingers were bent a stop signal is sent and the car stops.

Research Based Projects

Improving Hala's knowledge-base [+]

Hala is a multi-lingual robot-receptionist that is in Carnegie Mellon University Qatar Campus. You can find more details about hala's project by clicking here. I was responsible to work with a research assistant in improving Hala's knowledge-base in English and Arabic. I wrote different python scripts that read from a file and produces the required output of questions and answers, which saved us a lot of time of manually doing it.

Hala's Dashboard [+]

I have worked on building an online dashboard for Hala. For that, I created python scripts that analyze Hala's logs and extract the useful data like questions, answers, misses, language that was used...etc and put them in a database. The data from the database was then used to plot different graphs in an online dashboard, where you can specify range of date and graphs will be plotted showing comparisons of data in this period of time. I used Django and django chartit as frameworks for building the dashboard and plotting the graphs.