I am John Naguib, a computer science undergraduate in Carnegie Mellon University, class of 2016 minoring in Robotics. I love Robotics and trying to learn the most from one of the best Robotics institutes in the world, the RI in CMU. I have worked with Hala (a bi-lingual roboceptionist in Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar) in my first two years in the university, details about my work can be found in my Resume. I am also interested in HCI (Human-Computer interaction) and trying to find ways to improve the ways we can interact with computers. I am also interested in Psychology and knowing how people interact which I believe can help us improve HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) and build better robots.
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Contact details:
E-mail: jnaguib@cmu.edu
Phone: +974 33867438
            +20 01225343932