Jeffrey Hutzelman - Responsibilities

AFS Administration

I have primary responsibility for administration and maintenance of the AFS cell for the School of Computer Science (the cell). This includes the setup and maintenance of fileservers, deployment of AFS client software, development and maintenance of AFS server software, and a variety of other tasks. I am also the primary AFS site contact for CMUCS.

Ours is a "public" AFS cell, which means its database servers are published in the public cell database maintained by Transarc. To access our cell, you need to make sure your /usr/vice/etc/CellServDB contains an entry for our cell.

Software Maintenance

I maintain a variety of software collections, some as part of my job, and others on a volunteer basis. These include AFS, BIND, Kerberos, NTP, Perl, qpage, RCS, tcsh, Zephyr, and other things. I also maintain the mechanisms by which the standard Facilities-supported environment gets to workstaions, including facinstall, dosupdpeot, depot, SUP, and the various bits and pieces that make them work.


In addition to these responsibilities, I'm generally involved in some programming and development projects.
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Last updated: 10-Feb-2000