Jeffrey Hutzelman - How to Reach Me

There are many good ways to reach me, and a few bad ones. Which one you should use depends largely on who you are, how badly you want to talk to me, and what forms of communication seem appropriate. The best approach is probably to start a the top of this list, and work your way down. Another good method is to simply stop by my office (WeH 3210). Idle times on my office machine ( are usually accurate.

Email <>
Office +1 412 268 7225 (WeH 3210)
Home +1 412 798 3329
Cellular+1 412 401 8348
Family +1 814 833 6870 (emergencies only, please)
FAX +1 412 268 5576
US Mail Jeffrey Hutzelman
107 Crescent Gardens Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235


I do not accept unsolicited commercial offers of any kind, whether by telephone, US Mail, or email. If you are making such an offer, please save time, money, and effort for both of us by not bothering.

I also do not accept packages that I'm not expecting. If you want to send me a package for some reason, please call or write first, so I know there's something coming.

Jeffrey Hutzelman <>
Last updated: 06-Feb-2006