I have been married to Wayne for 33 years. We met while he was in a doctoral program in mechanical engineering at CMU. He has an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University and a masters degree from Pitt. For the past 35 years he has worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation at the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in West Mifflin. Most of his work involves nuclear energy to power navel submarines and aircraft carriers. His interests are in classical and theater music besides visiting America's national parks. He is originally from Sioux City, Iowa.

I am a mother with four children, ages 29, 27, 25, and 16. My oldest three children were adopted from The Children's Home of Pittsburgh. Sally Anne, the oldest is a paralegal for CNA in Pittsburgh, PA. She is getting married in September and also starting law school at Duquesne University. Her future husband, Brian Kane, is a lawyer doing trial work in product liability for a major law firm in Pittsburgh. Susan is next and lives in Sterling, Virginia where she is a travel reservationist for American Express doing corporate travel. My only son, Peter is currently doing research at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. His research at the Cognitive Developmental Neuroimaging Laboratory involves looking at the functional brain development of children. The two focuses of the lab include inhibitory mechanisms of attention and long term outcomes of perinatal complications. While he tells me that he enjoys his job, he is very happy that this past week was his last full time work week. He is starting a graduate program in Clinical Psychology with a research emphasis in sleep and sleep disorders at the University of Arizona. This will take approximately seven years. My youngest child is Anna. She is sixteen years old and learning to drive! Her biggest claim to fame at the present time seems to be her height--approximately 6 ft 3+ inches. Look below to see her most recent school picture.