Homework 1: Robot Review

Robot: RoboSimian


RoboSimian is a quadroped robot build by NASA's JPL. It ranked 5th place in the DRC trials.

Sensing: For the Terrain task Robosimian ulitilzed lidar and sterovision to creat
an artifical map of the cenderblocks and slope in front of it. It's four
endeffectors also have tactile sensor to gauge to force on each limb.

Planning: For transversing cenderblock steps, RoboSimian predicts foot placement
that enables a static stability. It also performs the inverse kinematics for each
limb. Teleoperation of Robosimian consistute most of the path planning.

Acting: RoboSimian can actuate four 7DOF arms. If RoboSimian takes a sitting
position, it utilizes motorized wheels on it rear in order to transver flat
terrain more rapidly.