About Julian

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I'm a Forth year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University - Human Computer Interaction Institute, where I'm advised by Anind Dey. I work at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Ubiquitous computing and Psychology creating methods with the goal of understanding human behavior and improving people's wellbeing. Towards this goal, I have worked in projects on Stress and Activity Recognition. I'm also interested in what we can learn about people's behavior from the way they interact with their phones. I have also worked on novel input interaction techniques.


Im very excited about the opportunities to use ubiquituous computing for understanding and improving people lives. The next are different research projects I have worked on towards that purpose.

Research opportunities

I often co-mentor with my advisor undegraduate and master's students, feel free to contact me if you are excited to work at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction, AI and Machine Learning. Check the most recent publications for information about current projects.
Currently we have opennings in our lab for:

  • Android Programmers (Behavior change and interventions)
  • UI designers (Behavior change and interventions)