I am a Information Systems student at Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar.

Applying to Carnegie Mellon University and studying Information Systems combined my desires to work on technology and to communicate with the clients at the same time. Attending the university will expand my opportunities to choose the most suitable future career. Although, I do not know what would my future career be, but I am sure that one of my destination is the IT section in healthcare field. My ultimate goal is to manage the IT systems in the healthcare field and to achieve it, I am considering my personal interests such as helping the community by providing some new efficient technologies and to accomplish my professional goals such as building a database that can be used in all the medial centers. In this statement I will clarify my values and passion toward my desired goal and this clarification would benefit me more than anyone else.

My own guidelines that I should satisfy while choosing a career are: working in a place that will consider my culture’s limitations and working in an environment full of encouragement spirit in order to accomplish the best possible work. Furthermore, balancing between working times and my social life is an important priority to enjoy what I am doing with the others.

The first step that I took to achieve my goals started from the secondary school. My academic background was good because I studied different subjects that allowed me to explore the more appealing one. IT class grabbed my attention because I found my area of interest there. My interest focused on the programming languages like Java and C++, which are important subjects for my major.

Also, in high school I have joined some extra curricular activities that helped me in achieving my personal goals, like community service. For example; I went to distribute Eidia at Eid time for some poor children in Doha. After high school I attended the Academic Bridge Program and also joined the community service club. Such activities helped me to develop myself and to be more responsible person. Additionally, involving in such activities helped me to be more flexible in communication with others, which is a required skill in my major. Moreover, I participated in many workshops to explore and develop myself such as personal development sessions and handicraft workshops. Now in CMU, I am trying to balance between my academic requirements and the extra curricular activities that I want to do. Finding these activates can happen through the student affairs Facebook page or by contacting them directly also I can know about these activities from the newspapers announcements or from social network websites.

On the other hand, I started thinking about my professional goal of creating a database for all the patients in Qatar when I saw the technical development in the medical health centers. Whenever one of my family members has an appointment in a hospital, we receive phone calls or SMSs from that hospital as a reminder and I really liked that idea. But, the technology used for reminding the patient is not enough, because when we go to the hospital, the old procedures happen without any use of a sufficient technology. From this incident I decided that I should create an accessible database to help in the development of the IT systems.

Developing the IT systems in the healthcare field in not an easy step, so I decided to study Information Systems to learn more about designing, implementing and using a database. At my freshman year and through my first course’s lectures about Information Systems, I found the appropriate classes to achieve my dreams. Therefore, I am planning to involve at different classes to get the maximum possible knowledge and to discover my major more in order to learn how to manage the whole information systems.

After graduation, my plan is to change my working destinations in order to prevent myself from drifting in life’s journey and to experience different working fields to learn more skills and techniques. I would try to develop myself as possible as I can and always try to make new developments that would help the community. So, working hard and accomplishing my work with pride and happiness would be my satisfaction key.

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