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Coding on a flight ...

I am a junior at Lafayette College. My research interest is the application of mathematics (particularly algebra, statistics and discrete math) in computer science. In the future, I plan to conduct further research in the development of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS).

My Projects

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My abilities

More than two years of experience

More than one year of experience

Taken at least one course in college

Worked on at least one project

I know the basics and can learn more!

Computer languages

  • Java
  • LaTeX
  • Scala
  • Python
  • HTML & CSS & JavaScript
  • Objective-C
  • C++
  • Swift
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

Mathematics & Computer Science

  • Olympiad Mathematics
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Number Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Software Engineering
  • Real Analysis
  • Functional Programming
  • Graph Theory
  • Statistics & Machine Learning
  • Theory of Computation


  • Sublime Text
  • XCode
  • Qt Framework
  • Bootstrap CSS Framework
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Play Framework

My courseworks

Here I highlight the most important (and fun) courses I have taken at Lafayette College.

  • CS320: Database (Fall 2016)

    I am learning about how to design and build database applications using PostgreSQL. My group project is to combine and make searchable data points located in different Penns Dept of Education datasets for a more holistic view of individual schools and school district in the Lehigh Valley, as requested by United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley.

    The opportunity to work with a real client, in addition to being able to utilize my software engineering skills, makes this course really challenging and meaningful to me.

    The project demo can be viewed here.

  • CS390: Deep Learning (Fall 2016)

    In this independent study course with Professor Sadovnik, I acquire hands-on experience with machine learning by implementing a deep learning library from scratch using Java.

    Because the primary focus is learning experience rather than program efficiency, we deem Java a better choice than Python, as the code is easier to follow and uses no external library. The codebase is open source and will also serve as a teaching tool for future machine learning courses taught at Lafayette.

  • CS205: Software Engineering (Spring 2016)

    I learned the formal process of designing a large solfware application: user story, unified modeling language, software testing and presentation, in addition to project management platform (I opted for Redmine).

    The curriculum consisted of seven weekly labs on C++ and a group project where we built a complete desktop app and delivered a formal presentation at the end of the course. Four warriors, one month, 369 commits!

  • THTR201: Public Speaking (Fall 2015)

    The most enjoyable non-technical course at college! I had the opportunity to deliver speeches on various occasions: introduction, informative speech, celebrating speech, persuasive speech, ...

    Most importantly, I gained much more confidence and showed my classmates that programmers are not at all timid or uninteresting. We usually don't speak up, but when we do, everybody listens!

What people say about me

Professor Chun Wai Liew

In his two years at Lafayette, Huy has performed excellently in intellectual activities both within the class and beyond. In his summer research project Huy showed initiative, skills and prolem solving abilities to help complete the development of two educational software apps that are now successfully used at multiple institutions.

Professor Jonathan Bloom

Having rigorously trained for and competed in the mathematical olympiad in his home country of Vietnam, Huy brings to Lafayette College a keen mathematical mind and a passion for problem solving. As indicated by his perfect academic record and his intense intellectual curiosity, Huy shows great promise as a researcher in mathematics and computer science.

Ha Vu - Software Engineering Teammate

Huy is inventive and a great problem-solver for the group. He writes neat code with good comments that allows others to use his code and collaborate easily. He also dives deep into the Qt Library and API, and not afraid to experiment with new types of solutions for any functionality.

Joe Sluke - Software Engineering Teammate

Huy was our team leader, and he spent the majority of his time working on the GUI. Though he did not have as many commits as my other group members, he spent a lot of time reading documentation and researching the technology needed to make the application great. Having Huy as our leader gave me confidence that our team could surmount any challenge. I am happy with his performance.

Martin Townley - Software Engineering Teammate

Officially our fearless leader, Huy has been our go to guy all along. Not only has Huy been exceptional at working with the GUI and figuring out just how to make it look so good, but he has had an excellent touch on the software on all levels.