HASAN demirkoparan

Position Announcement

Solid Mechanics/Applied Mathematics

Seeking: Three Postdoctoral Researchers and One Ph.D. Student

Carnegie Mellon University - Doha, Qatar
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA


Two distinct but intellectually related projects are anticipated to begin shortly.  One project has as its goal the development and computational implementation of new continuum mechanics based models that describe the mechanics of swelling in highly deformable soft biological tissue.  In particular, this research will treat the interaction between liquid and solid constituents when the solid constituent exhibits its own complex microstructure.  The second project has its goal the continuum mechanical modeling of complex compliant media, meaning materials with a microstructure that actively rearranges either as a part of its normal function or else when triggered by external stimuli.  A particular goal of this research is the identification of kinematical descriptors and associated balance relations that give rise to singular surfaces which have the interpretation of localizing microstructural rearrangement. Each project is a collaboration between Michigan State University and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Funding for these projects is made possible by the Qatar National Research Fund. 

We anticipate the opening of three postdoctoral positions and one Ph.D. student position in connection with these projects.  Two postdoctoral positions, one for each project, will be based at Carnegie Mellon University in Doha, Qatar.  A postdoctoral position for the swelling project, and a Ph.D. student position for the compliant media project, will be based at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA.   The starting date is somewhat flexible, beginning as soon as possible and remaining open until the positions are filled.  The Qatar positions must be filled before the USA positions.  In view of cost-of-living issues in Doha, a supplemental housing allowance is part of the compensation package for the positions in Qatar. The Ph.D. student must apply and be accepted in the Engineering Mechanics program as administered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University.

We seek candidates with a strong background in one or more of the following areas:

 Mathematical analysis and applied mathematics techniques

 Numerical analysis and scientific computing

 Nonlinear solid mechanics

 Mechanobiology and physiological modeling


The individuals that will fill each position will each work closely with both of the project PIs: Professor T. J. Pence at Michigan State, and Professor H. Demirkoparan at Carnegie Mellon in Qatar.


For more information and to apply formally please use the project website which is posted at: http://www.egr.msu.edu/finitedef/


Why would I go to Qatar?

The position in Qatar offers a highly competitive salary, a foreign service premium, excellent international health care coverage, and allowances for housing, transportation, and travel. Benefits may vary with contract type. The position comes with support for conferences and equipment. Postdocs are encouraged to explore research ideas on top of and beyond the project description. The position provides significant opportunities for professional development.


About CMU Qatar

In 2004, Carnegie Mellon University established a branch campus in Qatar with the goal of promoting the same high standards of research and education as its original Pittsburgh campus. CMU Qatar is located in Education City, an ultramodern 2,500 acre campus which currently hosts branches of six of the world's leading universities. The campus provides cutting-edge research facilities in a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment.

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