Mohammad Hammoud - Cloud Computing

1. What is Big Data?
Big data refers to a tremendous amount of data that can be either structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. The data are so massive that they cannot be managed by traditional data storage or processors.

2.What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing refers to the delivery and processing of computing data on a network through the internet by cloud service providers to better store and access a large amount of data.

3.Is cloud computing a novel technology per se or an amalgamation of several traditional technologies?,databases%2C%20analytics%2C%20and%20intelligence.

4.What are the 3 major cloud computing service models? The major service models are Software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service.

5.Name at least 3 real-life problems that cloud computing can help solve them.  
Some problems include Security and recovery problems, network upgrades, backing up data and cost issues.

6.What is the economic/business model of cloud computing?
The economic model of cloud computing is on principles such as metered pricing, self service, and pay to go. In a sense it's like paying insurance.

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