Clash of clan: How is this game a life sucking app?

After playing this game for a while, I starting to think.. hmm how long does it to take me to reach the ultimate fully upgrade base.

So I pulled out the csv file from the game, and did a little spread sheet calculations.

Turns out, it will take over a year to upgrade everything( except for the walls). (assuming you have 4 builders and always building stuff).Which is ok, but think about how much gold you have to rob per day to keep all your builders in use.

Here is the link for the spread sheet.


There are 7 sheets in the google doc. Don't worry about the first 6 sheets. Only go to the
"Summary" sheet. and enter the current level of each of your buildings, also the current level of your troops, the current level of your heroes. Then on the right side of the sheet, you will see a summary of your status.

To be encouraged, or to be discouraged, it is totally up to you. lol

One thought on “Clash of clan: How is this game a life sucking app?

  1. Clash Fan

    I am playing clash of clans, and i agree with you. Its time consuming game, and its very easy to get addicted to it. Just remember your life priorities and everything will be fine.


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