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SiriProxy ported in Java. NO RUBY,NO LINUX, EASIEST SETUP in any OS

Siri has been out for a while now, if you are looking at this post, I guess you have already looked at siriproxy, spire, and all other stuff on how to setup a proxy in linux system.

To do that, you have to install a linux system. (for hardcore developers, you probably already using linux) for windows users and mac users... not so much.

Then you have to install all these stuff, taking like an hour, and using that RUBY program that you probably are not familiar with.

Then eventually to keep the server running you have to keep a LINUX computer running, probably on a virtual box.

To me, that's a lot of work. It would be MUCH MUCH easier if you can just get a windows service in a windows computer, or a java program in Mac background.

So here, I have ported the siriproxy in java using socket programming.

How does the java program work

The way it works in simple. You run the java either in command line, or you can use a eclipse or netbean or any IDE to open the source code. Then run the

Few things to note are:

1. The server do require a ssl secure connection, which means you still need a pair of private and public certificate. Just like what you'd do in regular siriproxy, you can use them with this server too. Just go into, and change the filename to the server certificate.

2. The server require additional libraries. plist for java SSL server for java

The program will require privilege to create file in the current folder( the folder the program is in). It will create a validation.dat file which contain the iphone 4S validation information when an iphone 4S is connected. Then you can use iphone 4 with a spire to connect to the server it should also work.

How to connect to the server.

To connect to the server.

if your computer is in a local network, which means the computer is connected to a router then to internet. Then you just need to setup a port forwarding to forward 443 to your computer's local ip address.

if your computer is not in a local network, which means it's directly connected to internet. Then don't have to do anything.

Just type "my ip" in google search you'll know your ip address from outside world. remember this IP address.

Setup Iphone 4 to connect to the computer

1. Jailbreak your iphone and install spire and iFile.

2. in iFile, browse to /etc/host. add a line "" where the is the IP address that you remembered.

In iphone 4S, it should be the same.

After this step, your siri should connect to the ip address you entered whenever you activate siri.

Download Link:siriJava
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