Hang Li

Full-Stack Software Engineer

I am currently a graduate student in Carnegie Mellon and graduating in THIS December!

Passionate in Web & Mobile!

Loving across the boundry.



Aug. - Sept. 2013

Title: Redesign CMU Page


#Mockup 3 viewport scenarios for new CMU home page.

#Build a fully functional page in HTML and CSS.

  • Responsive
  • Photoshop
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

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Title: Genentech Static HTML Demo


#Using Bootstrap.

#Different devices showing different content.

  • Responsive
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap rc1

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2010 - May 2013

Pure HTML5 & CSS3 Design

#Non responsive supporting.

#Practice percentage coding.

#HTML5 tags and CSS3 vendor prefixes.

Ruby on Rails Project

#Read RSS feeds from resources in XML with particular Job descriptions, transferred to HTML by using XSLT

#Used Ruby on Rails to provide manipulation methods on RSS sources based on MVC architecture

#Designed and implemented the CSS and made AJAX calls to server side by using JQuery

Online Chatting Room

#Designed and implemented an “Online Chatting” by using JSP, Google Map API and communicated with MySQL database

#Enabled multiple clients’ real-time chatting by using web sockets

#Used “http session listener” and AJAX to update users information

#Combined with Google Map API to display users’ real-time location

EComShop.com Website Project

#Individually implemented the eComshop.com website by using ASP.net and interacting with SQL server database

#Implemented the User Authorization, Email Settings, Page Validations, Http Module and Manipulations on Gridviews

Undergraduate Final Project

#Individually studied the learning curve method and the value chain and cost control of Photovoltaic Industry

#Designed and implemented the entire information system by using ASP.net, B/S mode, including authority management, active simulation scenarios, two types of comparison on different scenarios, the statistic of users’ preferences and learning curve

As the training projects of Beijing outstanding talents, gained the top 5% excellent project award

As the training projects of Beijing outstanding talents, gained the top 5% excellent project award


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