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Randy Pausch

Who is he?

Randy Pausch is a computer science and human-interaction Professor in Carnegie Mellon. He was born in October 23, 1960 and died in July 25, 2008. He also gave a lecture in University of Virginia on time management. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University and that was in August 1988.

What he was known for?

He was a well known for developing interdisciplinary courses and research projects which made the students attract to the field of computer science he was also known as a gifted teacher.

5 things that I liked?

The things that I liked during his talk was that the nice advices he was giving on achieving goals and on managing time when he said that ďmanaging your time well makes you successfulĒ. He also talked about inspiration that ďif you can dream it you can do itĒ and the most thing that I got interested in during his talk is ďTodo listĒ that can help you to arrange your time on doing the things that are important first and then return to the things that are less important. He also talked about the fake class that you can do at your free time such as going to the library with your books and itís a good way of studying. Creating a calendar was the important advice as it helps also in arranging time and avoid of wasting it. He gave as a good point on phone calling is that these calls should be done at the end of the day or before lunch so that there will be no time wasted on chatting.

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Theory of computation

In computer science the theory of computation refers on how the problems of computations can be easily solved and one way can be using algorithm. In addition, computer scientists dealt with these forms of mathematical abstraction to make a study of computation. The purpose of the theory of computation is to create a mathematical models of computation. There are three types of them which are automata theory, computability and computational complexity theory.

Automata theory

These are the study of that abstract machines and those machines will be used to as a way of solving these problems. This is why its called automata theory. This process also consists of transitions which are represented by arrows and states which represented in circles. More over, automata is also related to formal languages theory. There are a lot of uses of automata such as in compiler design and in also parsing.

Computability theory

It contains some of the mathematical logics related to computer science but it also contains the study of the computers functions and it also related to the universal Turing machine. In this theory there was also the study of the algorithm. There was also a research of defining the meaning of the functions using algorithm.

Complexity theory

It is the study of the unpredictable systems. In complex systems there are functional components inside it that had a lot meaning but when it outside the system it looses the meaning so only complex system understands the functional components. Complexity can be also a way of a language expression which makes it difficult to control the behavior of the system.

The theory of computation was mostly related to computer science and those studies that had been done helped the computer science scientists to understand more about the theory of computation.



What is a Turing machine?

What are things that came up from the complexity theory?

what makes it these problems unsolvable

Programing languages

There are a lot of programs languages that could be used to develop a lot of useful softwares and these types of software is written by a programmer. Programming languages are languages that had been developed to deliver a message or transfer command to a particular computer. These programming languages will use the commands mostly to control the action of the computer or the mechanism and it can be also a way of demonstrating the algorithms. Programs that are created contains inside them statement and variables which can stand for a text or data that had been written by the programming languages.

In addition, the programming languages the are about syntax and semantics. Syntax makes reference to the grammar of those programming languages and its used by the computer as the form that it expects us to write it in such as that if its not in the expected form it will produce a syntax error. Semantics are the meaning of the program languages that had been written so that the computer recognize it. There are a lot of uses to the programming languages and the most popular one is that it is used to created webpages in HTML. Examples of language program could be python, java, and logo.


When the process of checking data is occurring there are two types of doing that one is called verification and the next method is validation. Verification of data will be done first and itís a low level exercise. Itís a way of security that reviews the information and makes sure that this information is true. The evaluating of products in the software is also a way to make sure that the product satisfies the conditions of the requirements. It also includes humans checking the information. It has a high accuracy when identifying errors in those information. There are a lot of advantages for doing verification such as it reduces the chance of failure to the software and verifying the software can make it clearly for the analyst to understand more about the software. This way identifying errors are necessary for a new software.

There is another method which comes after the verification which is validation. Its more accurate than verification because its done by a computer that could identify errors which couldnít be found during verification. However, it involves here also the process of testing the software and that did it reached the customers requirements.


What are the most important advantages that can come up from programming languages

Whatís more important verification or validation?

Why there are verification when validation is there and its done by computers which are more accurate?


Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Itís a model that allow all of the networks access to share computing service. Cloud computing allow the users to operate their data in third-party. Itís the same as internet computing as it do a different services such as servers, storing and application. However, the cloud computing is a service that focuses on the effectiveness shared resources and these types of services and it distribute resources to users but at the same time the sources that were used from the other user will be also distributed to other users. Cloud computing is also a way of reducing the cost of resources such as using less rack space to maintain the system. These will allow more than one user to access a single server. Cloud computing is mostly used by companies were they used here for running their application faster with improved manageability.

How Cloud computing works?

This type of internet services uses network that are connected into a large groups of servers which they run low cost and with these connections they spread data that are processed to the users around the server.

Main models for Cloud computing:

There are three main types of models in Cloud computing which are infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service.

infrastructure as a Service:

Where here it consists of the basics for creating a cloud IT and it allows the access to the networking servers and data storage of these services that can be shared.

Platform as a Service:

This models will not need or requires to be manage the infrastructure and its goal is also to focus or have an attention on deployment and management of the applications. This makes it easy for us because this model is more efficient so it will contain resources that are efficient. However, we also donít need to know about the maintenance of it as we run the application.

Software as a Service:

This model provides you with software that is run and managed by the service so people donít need to think about it but what you need to think about is that when we receive the software or product how we will use the software.

Benefits of Cloud computing

Self-service provisioning: The resources could spin up by end users for any type of workload.

Elasticity: The scale of computing needs in a business can increase or scale down against.

Pay per use: The cloud computing will only make the user to pay on the resources and workloads that they used during the processing.

Private, Public and Hybrid cloud computing:

Private: Itís a private cloud computing that have firewall and it also gives the same features as the public cloud commuting but there are taken out number of things of objections including control over enterprise, customer data and security issues. This is used by private companies.

Public: These are a services that will be provided to the users on public. However, it may be offered free or payment based on the resources.

Hybrid: This is a mix of public and private cloud computing that a business or public companies would choose and this is because it allows the workloads to flow through public and private which also gives flexibility to the data and to data deployment options.



How are cloud services increased reliance on various service providers?

How will these services provide assurance over the services migrated to the cloud?

Can it be safe for storing the data on the cloud storage and data will not be lost?

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