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University of Pittsburgh

The Archives Service Center is part of the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh. The Archives Service Center is home to over 601 collections and is comprised of the. Archives of Industrial Society, the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America Archives and Labor Collections (UE/Labor Archives), the Environmental Archives, the State and Local Government Archives and the University Archives.

The Archives of Industrial Society, established in 1963, focuses on records documenting the development of the urban industrial society with an emphasis on Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. These records contain documentation of the people who made Pittsburgh an industrial powerhouse with items pertaining to Charles Schwab and Henry Clay Frick to the life and leisure activities of the workers who made it all possible. Included in the Archives of Industrial Society are the Environmental Archives, the State and Local Government Archives and the Media Collections.

The UE/Labor Archives is the official repository for the local, district and national historical records of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. The labor collections include the records of labor organizations, grassroots organizations and other papers and records documenting the history of the labor movement, the workforce and the working class political struggles primarily in Pittsburgh and the Southwest Pennsylvania Region.

The University Archives was established in 1966. It documents the University of Pittsburgh from its founding as the Pittsburgh Academy in 1787 through its collection of departmental records, chancellor's papers, student activity and organization records, publications and memorabilia.

To contact the Archives Service Center:

Archives Service Center
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