Duquesne University Archives

The Duquesne University Archives was established in the early 1960's as a repository for the institutions historical records, but it was not until recently that the University Archives has taken on a more difficult status. In 1993 the University Archives became part of the University Library and staffed on a full-time basis. The Archives consists of a variety of collections representing all of the various schools, departments, divisions, organizations, and activities of the University.

The Archives actively collects all non-current university records, along with publications, photographs, and a variety of other material relevant to the history of Duquesne University. Some of the original records date back to the founding of the University in 1878. The University Archives is regularly used by the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and those outside of Duquesne Community for various research topics relating to Duquesne.

For more information contact:

Paul Demilio, Director
University Archives
Gumberg Library
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
E-mail: demiliop@duq3.cc.duq.edu

Adminstration Building
DePaul Institute

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