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Houses in Water

Explore Global Warming

Man on Ice

The Facts

Countless occurance of unusual natural disasters have occured. Large Cities like New York City is about to go underwater. Life as we know it may sease to exist. The time to act is now.

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Man on Ice

The Causes

Practically everything we do has a connection to green house gases, the root cause of global warming. From driving cars to keeping food regrigerated. It is important to know what is the source to kill it.

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Man on Ice

Possible Solutions

Several options are available to alleviate the pain humans have caused to planet earth. Some being different courses of renewable energy. More can be discovered in this field. We need to find out more.

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Alternative Energy

nuclear power

Nuclear Power

wind power

Wind Power

tidal power

Tidal Power

hydroelectrics power

Hydroelectric Power

Solar power

Solar Power

Recycle power

Recycle Power