Two major computer security incidents that happened in Qatar.

Qatar National Bank - Massive Breach

The attackers leaked around 1,4 GB of information on the whistleblower website Cryptome. There are almost 15,500 documents with bank corporate files and customer information in clear text like passwords, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and PINs.

The breach affected some of the government representatives and media outlets, but luckily, the bank had two-factor authentication.

Qatar National Bank reacted questionably, they did not make any comment but then said there was no financial damage and that they will secure their systems.

Qatar Airways - Phishing Scam

On the holiday season, when users were actively searching for traveling opportunities, the attackers created phishing scam.

They sent messages, which looked like Qatar Airways message, to whatsapp users about free tickets for their anniversary and that users had to follow the link to claim their ticket. They had to complete the survey and send the message to other 15 WhatsApp users.

Regarding the attacks, the corporation was required to make a statement. They requested that consumers avoid clicking the link and only purchase tickets from their websites or travel agencies.

Even after the formal statement, the phishing letter continued to spread for more than a month.