OUTPOST EXPERT GAME (version 1.32)

Note, I don't really like some of these rules, but that is neither here nor there, see the main Outpost document for my favorite rules. --Brian

What is it?

The Expert game is a completely separate game for experienced Outpost players who wish to try something different and more challenging. In the Expert game, players discard excess production cards before taking turns and, thus, must manage both operator and hand capacity in order to expand production. In addition, the Expert game contains numerous rules adjustments to balance Outpost independent of the above change.

How does it work?

The Expert game alters the Sequence of Play so that excess Production cards are discarded before Players take their Commander Actions (see Reference Sheet). Thus, a player with a Hand Capacity of 10 who has saved 5 production cards and has received 8 additional cards during Production must discard any 3 of these 13 cards before any Commander Actions occur.

Any hints?

Saving to buy expensive colony upgrade cards is difficult without a Hand Capacity of at least 15 or lots of Research cards. Thus, many players believe Warehouses are just as important to own as Nodules. Players who get only a Nodule may have a hard time buying an Outpost. A player without either a Warehouse or a Nodule can compensate by buying Data Libraries and then either Scientists and New Chemical factories or a Laboratory and Robots plus Research factories. Since colony upgrade cards are bought at a faster rate, the Expert game typically takes about an hour less to play than the basic game.

Expert Game Rules Modifications:

The cost of Research factories (see Factory Summary on Reference Sheet) is reduced from 40 to 30. Robots do not provide unlimited robots (see 2.6.7 below). Ecoplants cost 30, not 50. Warehouses and Outposts each increase Hand Capacity by 5 (not 3). Heavy Equipment provides a credit of 15, not 10, towards the purchase of an Outpost. One bonus robot comes with each Robot Upgrade card. Laboratories costs 80, not 100. (Stick-on notes can work well to indicate these colony upgrade card changes.)

2.6.7 (Change) Each Robot colony upgrade card owned by a player allows that player to operate as many Robots as that player currently has population. Robots in excess of this limit may be purchased but may not be operated. Note that each manned Space Station, Planetary Cruiser or Moon Base increases the number of robots a player may operate (by the number of Robot upgrade cards that player owns).

6.1 (Change) Colony upgrade card setup varies with the number of players according to the Setup Chart (see Reference Sheet).

6.2 (Change) The number of victory points needed to roll D12+1 when determining available colony upgrade cards varies with the number of players in the game according to the Setup Chart (see Reference Sheet).

6.2 (Addition) If, during the first and second phases of the game (when rolling D4 and D10 to determine available colony upgrade cards), a turn begins with no upgrade cards available either for purchase or placement (all the upgrade cards available during the current game phase have been purchased by players), then the game automatically moves into the next phase on the next turn, regardless of the number of victory points actually acquired by any commander.

7.6 (Addition) First Turn Rules: On the first turn, each player receives 4 Ore and 2 Water cards. A player who makes no other purchases on that turn (only) may turn in all 6 cards for 1 Water factory, even if their values total to less than 20. We play with this one -- Brian

7.7 and 9.1 (Change) Discarding excess production cards takes place before Commander Actions. A player's Hand Capacity starts at 10 production cards (not 5). All production cards except Research and Microbiotics count towards Hand Capacity. We play with a variation on this one -- B

Optional Rule 12.1 (Mega-cards) is used. Note that mega-cards do count as 4 cards against Hand Capacity. Optional Rules 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, Limited Card Availability and Money are not used.

Legal Foo

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Note that the Reference Sheet *does* contains information pertaining to the Sequence of Play and Setup that is not found in the other two documents.

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Tom Lehmann, President Prism Games (Outpost Errata & Expert Game rules keeper)

And Me, Brian

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