DoD II Errata as of Sep 14, 94

Pending Errata - Things discussed with Harry, that he says will become errata, or public commnets he has endorsed or clarified. These are not iron clad, but are very likely.
  1. rade agreements must be for a fixed amount. Resources and/or factories allocated for trade cannot be used if the the MP you traded them to does not pick them up. You must renegotiate a trade agreement by either increasing your treaty level, or terminating a treaty level and then renegotiate it. New trade agreements with a MP will supercede your old one. (If 2 MP have a level 3 treaty, there is not 3 trade agreements, only 1, that is renegotiated with each level of treaty).
  2. When playing the War Card (option 4), unless you declare immedately that you will be declaring war on a MP, you cannot activate any minors. The current game mechanics makes it this way.
  3. Central America is a US controlled minor ally.
  4. Free Trade bonuses are contingent on a treaty, not a trade agreement.
  5. Since when the NE falls and is conquered, the NEI becomes a independent minor, any OLD trade and/or military agreements with the NE are now null and void. You will have to negotiate new ones with the NEI. The NEI political marker starts wherever the NE was last sitting.

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