Frederick Reif




Personal information

      Emeritus professor of physics and education.

          (University of California at Berkeley & Carnegie Mellon University)



Brief biography


Born in Vienna, Austria.



1941 - :



Columbia College (and US Army)


Harvard University (Ph.D. in physics, 1953)


University of Chicago


(Assistant professor of physics)


University of California at Berkeley


(Professor of physics and education)


Carnegie Mellon University


(Professor of physics and education)


Emeritus professor


Selected publications

Condensed-matter physics

Reif, F. & Purcell, E. M. (1953).  Nuclear magnetic resonance in solid hydrogen.  Physical Review, 91, 631.

Reif, F. (1955).  Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of imperfect ionic crystals.  Physical Review, 100, 1597.

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Reif, F.  (1999). Thermal physics in the introductory physics course: Why and how to teach it from a unified atomic perspective.  American Journal of Physics, 67, 1051-1062.


Cognitive science and education

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Reif, F. (2008). Applying cognitive science to education: Thinking and learning in scientific and other complex domains. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.