Herein you will find the rules our family uses for the game of 10000

This is an easy dice game that can be played with any number of folks of any age, so long as one is able to do simple addition/subtraction. It is a variation of the game Dix Mille, thought I'm the first in the family to know that.


Round Total
The sum of all scoring dice, subject to being lost by rolling no scoring dice.
Game Total
The sum of all round totals.
On the Board
Having scored a 750 or more point round total. You must be "on the board" before you can start contributing to your game total.
Lost It
Happens when your roll has no non scoring combinations. Your round total becomes 0, and your turn ends.
Went Back
having rolled a round total which would make the game total exceed 10000


Scoring Combinations
CombinationValueExample Roll
[1] = 100 points
[5] = 50 points
Three 1s1000
[1][1][1] = 1000 points
Other Three of a kind#*100
[2][2][2] = 200 points
Four of a kindThree of a kind value *2
[3][3][3][3] = 2*300 = 600 points
Five of a kindThree of a kind value *4
[4][4][4][4][4] 4*400 = 1600 points
Low Straight1250
[1][2][3][4][5] = 1250 points
High StraightNothing special, score the 5 only for 50 points
[2][3][4][5][6] = 50 points

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