Steps (symbol): Demarch (r) - a backwards single with a swing out of the foot. (take your foot out to the side and then arch it to land nearly behind your other foot. Bransle (b) - step to the side and close, but don't put weight on the closing foot cause you immediatly sing to that side. double (d) - "three step double" ex: left double == put left foot forward, right foot crosses and is placed beyond the left (but not necs. inline) left foot crosses and is placed beyond the right, and then right closes. Large Measure (G) - rbssdddddssrrr Large inperfect Measure (g) - rbssddddd rrr Medium Measure (M) - rbssddd ssrrr Medium imperfect Measure (m)- rbssddddd rrr Small Measure (P) - rbssd ssrrr Small inperfect Measure (p) - rbssd rrr (note, the spaces in above tab are to show differences, and have no relation to the dance.)