This is just a test page. I stripped a template I got here clean.

My robot dreams are inspired by Johnny Quest and the Powerpuff Girls. You can scroll down below for some of the projects I've worked on.

I like Douglas Adams, Ice-cream, Cobot1(cuz I spent some time with him) and Cobot4(cuz he's fancy). The Landshark has been particularly difficult but it's all water under the bridge I hope.I like indie and ofcourse the underdog.

Things I've Worked On

My undergrad project was on gesture recognition using HMMs.We used an arduino with the INVENSENSE IDG3000 to collect data and train the HMM. I also worked on a line following peg placing robot two years in a row for a competition.

I also spent some time doing the follwing: gathering data on the cobots movement on a carpet and wooden floor, improving fitting 3D models to pictures using MH sampling, integrating provable and verified code for a robot with its ROS code and webots simulation.

Right now i'm working on implementing a variant of Q-learning on Baxter.