Randy Pausch: Time Management
Randy Pausch: Time Management

Randy Pausch was a Computer Science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.
He was known for his last lecture Really achieving your childhood dreams.
In his lecture about time management, which I enjoyed very much, he touched upon ways to manage time efficiently
and getting things done. I really liked it when Pausch compared time and money from our perspective as humans
and how we give money much more value, when actually time is what we should be worried about wasting Start
thinking about your time and your money almost as if they are the same thing.
he says. I also loved his attitude towards
life, although he was nearing his death, he wasn not letting the disease get the better of him, throughout the talk it
seemed like he was going to carry on living his life normally with the ones he loved. Another element of his talk that
grabbed my attention was the importance he gave planning, Failing to plan is planning to fail. I have never been a
planner, and his talk has shed light onto the importance of doing so. Randy Pausch was also very realistic in his talk,
Make time by electing not to do something else. He doesn not tell us to get everything done, which is almost
impossible; he knows that we cannot simply keep filling our free time with tasks. So he gives us the approach of making
time by sacrificing a task for another. Finally, the way he ended his talk with Time is all we have. was phenomenal
because it stresses on the importance of time even more, and he left all the viewers with the thought of that nothing can be
of more importance.

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